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Properties Going Under Offer Much Faster Than Five Years Ago

Figures from Strutt & Parker actually suggest the time it takes properties to reach the accepted offer stage has improved in the past five years even though Government may want to speed up the home buying process.

Strutt & Parker analysed listings data for between August 2016 and August this year and compared it to the same period in 2012.Over that period, the time taken for a home to go from listing to under offer or SSTC dropped from 87 to 61 days.

Bristol was the fastest with properties listed as going under offer or SSTC in an average of 34 days, while Glasgow has seen the biggest improvement, from 93 to 37 days.

London sellers, on the other hand, are facing an above national average wait to see properties reaching the SSTC stage at 63 days, only two days faster than in 2012.

There are several cities that are now seen as alternatives to London. They offer career opportunities and a contemporary lifestyle, and appeal to people who have been priced out of the capital’s housing market,” said James Mackenzie, head of country houses at Strutt & Parker

Bristol is the perfect example: it has a booming tech hub, a broad range of housing stock and a fashionable harbour area. It is also commutable to London.As technology allows for more flexible working, the ability to commute for two or three days a week to the capital is having a significant effect on regional markets.”

Is your agency in one of the fastest selling property hotspots?

Days to “sold subject to contract” 2017
Bristol 34
Coventry 35
Edinburgh 36
Glasgow 37
Gloucester 39
Portsmouth 40
Southampton 40
Cambridge 40
Birmingham 42
Norwich 44
UK average                 61



Parents, do your children complain that your home isn’t cool enough or that little Johnny’s room isn’t as nice as little Maxwell’s is his class. Well, we’ve got some tips for you on how you can make your home look super-duper cool for your kids.

TIP #1: Chalkboard walls

You either find it fascinating or annoying and that is; chalkboards. As a kid, you may remember drawing all over the walls of the house, even though there was paper somewhere in the house. I definitely did.

To prevent that but also encourage your children’s creative abilities, invest in some chalkboard paint. Whether you want to paint a panel, a strip or be adventurous and paint a whole wall; go for it. Make sure you actually have some chalk though and a chalk eraser, to clean it up after.

TIP #2: DIY cinema system

Have you tried having an at home cinema day, where you’ve put in some animated DVD’s for the kids, but the issue is the screen isn’t big enough? But the layout is cool, just the screen causing problems. Well for that final touch we recommend that you consider buying some ‘Projection Screen’ (preferably 100” inch 16:9 and portable), have it pinned up or stuck to your wall and get you a projector next. Then project your films on a BIGGER screen! Get some popcorn too, while you’re at it.

TIP #3: Dedicated space

Whether it’s an entire playroom, a small corner, or a reading nook. We believe that your child needs a space where they can have some chill me-time. But decorate it and make it look a bit fancy for them.

TIP #4: Cool scenery wallpaper

Have you ever been to the jungle? I haven’t, but you could take your kids there. And I don’t mean a real jungle; I mean that you could customise your little one’s room with some scenic wallpaper ranging from an animated jungle, a little princess castle, a tropical island or whatever takes their fancy. These are a really good way to drastically change the appearance of the kid’s room.

TIP #5: Cool storage systems

As a youth, cleaning wasn’t one of my biggest hobbies and I’m sure it isn’t your children’s either. Unless times have changed drastically. But in order to slowly nurture your kids into the art of home maintenance and also teach them good household skills, create a cool storage system where cleaning actually looks exciting. Having some hanging storage bins are quite good, as your children could practice basketball and represent our country in the Olympics.


Also if you have any tips that you could recommend to us, share them in the comments and we’ll be highlighting them in our upcoming articles in the ‘Family’ series.