#PROPERTYOFTHEDAY #25: 2 Bedroom Apartment – Mayfair, London


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Chocolate Week: Why London is the Sweetest Place to Live

This week (October 8th-14th), it’s Chocolate Week; the UK’s biggest celebration of the sweet stuff, and an easy excuse for us to dive in to the lovely stuff. As well as being a nationwide celebration of the dark stuff (or white stuff, if that’s your thing) in homes and offices, you can bet there will lots to do in London including a choc-opera in Belgravia and tasting events in Piccadilly Circus.

That’s one of the great things about living in London; there is just so much to do. You’re only a tube ride away from some sort of event tied to national or international celebrations. As a resident, you can never have an excuse to not have anything to do; a quick skim of the weekend paper, search online or even wander around will bring you into contact with something fun and interesting to pass the time.Often you won’t even need to plan ahead or even actively look for things to pass the time, as you’re hit with options every time you go out through sings, billboards, posters etc. Some are more traditional or historical, whereas as others might be a bit more quirkier or “on-the-edge”.

Returning to chocolate, London has a great place in the history of the delicacy coming to these shores in the 17th century. It was in 1657 that the first chocolate house was opened in Bishopsgate by order of Charles II and it was Christopher Columbus who brought it over from his travels.

Even when it’s not Chocolate Week, you’ll be hard-pressed not to get your chocolate fix when in London. As well as the multitude of shops, both big and small you can find special chocolate tours which run regularly all year round, in the Mayfair and Chelsea areas. To cater to international residents and tourists who might be a bit homesick, you’ll also come across shops which import products from all around the world.

Some people complain about the average rent in London being more than anywhere else in the country (not that this is any different from most other countries and their largest cities). However, it’s times like these, in terms of options of entertainment and culture, when the benefits of living in a cosmopolitan city really reveal themselves.