Is Bromley the new Chelsea?

Chelsea has always been known as an affluent area of central London. With wedding cake mansions and beautifully designed surroundings, this stunning area is an upmarket neighborhood where the wealthy reside. With the reality TV show, Made in Chelsea, Chelsea is now not only known in the UK but has actually been compared to the likes of New York’s Upper East Side and Los Angeles’ Beverly Hills. But is there a new area that can bump Chelsea out of the spotlight?

Bromley might just be that very thing, with the Experian Property Check referring to it one of the best places to live in London.
The borough was named as the best place to live if you have young children; scoring highly for the quality of its shops, schools and health facilities.
The survey also places Bromley second out of the top ten London boroughs as a place to live for those whose children have flown the nest and fourth for families with older children.

The results reported late last year in the Evening Standards were generated from more than 40 sets of data, ranging from how well children do at local schools, crime rates, air quality, career opportunities, as well as shops and nightlife.

Cllr Stephen Carr, Leader of Bromley Council said: “I am delighted to hear that Bromley has been judged among the top ten best London boroughs in which to live. This is very good news and confirms what we have long thought to be true and totally vindicates our Building a Better Bromley agenda: our borough is a fantastic place to live and work. Bromley has highly performing schools and good shopping centres in our high streets coupled with great restaurants, bars, live theatre and leisure facilities along with many local open spaces and sporting facilities. I know I speak for many of our residents when I say that we are proud to call Bromley borough our home. However, we are not resting on our laurels, but we continue to build on the great quality of life in the borough through new investment for our town centres in Bromley, Orpington and Beckenham.”

If you are suffering from rising rents in the central London area, then Bromley might just be your ideal move-to area. With the equally gorgeous surroundings as Chelsea, Bromley offers affordable neighborhoods and good state schools. You can find the primary schools admission page by clicking here. It will show the catchment areas of the last 3 years and if the schools were oversubscribed or not.

On top of all that, you can be assured that your property and family will be residing in a safe area. Bromley’s community champions were thanked and honored for their selfless contribution to the borough at the Safer Bromley Awards on Thursday 14th March.

Winners in the Community Champions category included a local hero who came to the aid of a church community threatened by an armed intruder, and a member of the community who has funded police transport and a school crossing patrol and volunteers with Victim Support and the Met Police.

So to come back to the question, is Bromley the new Chelsea? Well what with Chelsea’s lush history and heritage, it will be one spotlight that will be hard to take. But being described by some as a more ‘old-school’ area, Chelsea may have seen the last of their glory days… only time will tell.

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