Harrogate tops list of where Brits are happiest to reside

According to a new study done by a property portal website, Harrogate came up top of the list of the happiest places to live in the UK.

The survey asked a sequence of questions to approximately 38,000 locals varying from how they felt about their area, the way of life, facilities, how secure they feel, how house-proud they are, and more. The information found that Lincoln is the most house-proud whilst people of Hereford feel the safest concerning where they reside. Swansea and Aberdeen top the highest places to live in Wales and Scotland respectively.

Like a lot of other countries, the UK is fanatical about property with well-liked shows such as Escape to the Country and DIY SOS. A house is a home and each person’s fortress. Turning a house into a home is something that we all go through, from buying that ideal cosily settee to building that 2-storey extension, from getting acquainted with the neighbors to joining the neighboring Street Watchers. We do all these things to be able to feel comfortable, secure and content in our homes.

Harrogate ironically didn’t top any of the individual categories that we mentioned before, but they won the name of the happiest place to live because their overall rankings of the individual categories reached a better average than others. “Average asking prices in Harrogate are up 5.6% year-on-year,” said Shipside, “outperforming the national average of 1.2% and North Yorkshire average of 0.4%, indicating that there is demand to live in the UK’s happiest place.”Stockport took the number two spot.

Behind the top two happiest places to live, the rest of the top 10 happiest towns and cities (in descending order) are Ipswich, Exeter, St Albans, Kingston-upon-Thames, Bath, Worcester, Bromley and Truro. The study also suggests that the North of England is more contented than the South.

Due to many factors such as inadequate space, satisfaction, security and friendliness, nine of the bottom ten locations for happiness are in Greater London with the most least happiest place being Dudley, But you’ll still find some amazing homes and people here.

With all this in mind, if you are thinking of moving, or buying your first/next property, why not start the search here.

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