Young Professional Home Seekers Look East for London Living

Online property website, conducts monthly analysis of the most popular searched for borough.  Hackney has proven to be one of the most popular searched for borough amongst home seekers between 28 – 35 years. Hackney has undergone a period of intense regeneration turning into one of the 21st Century’s most exciting boroughs of London. The regeneration and popularity of the obvious haunts such as Shoreditch, Hoxton and Stoke Newington have contributed towards the borough’s rising property prices. However, new development plans highlight that buying or renting in this diverse and lively area is set to be an even more wise and lucrative decision if you can compete for the space.

Dalston, Hackney Central, Hackney Wick, Manor House are set to gain from most of the new regeneration plans and will add value to this bustling and promising borough.

Here are Top 5 Reasons Why Hackney is Worth it.
1. Over 70% of Hackney residents* said that they were proud of living in Hackney with Shoreditch and Stoke Newington as the most favourite areas.

2. Considered a thriving hotspot for creatives and start-up businesses, Hackney has been chosen to receive funding by the Arts Council to boost and support creativity in the region.

3. British Actor, Michael Fassbender, Singer, Leona Lewis still live in one of London’s liveliest and characterful boroughs whilst a host of historical figures famous faces such as Marc Bolan, Michael Cain, Ray Winston and Barbara Windsor were Hackney born and bred.

4. It was voted the ‘coolest place in Britain’ in Italian Vogue, whilst according to Halifax research, property prices in Hackney rose by 320% between 1996 and 2006 – the biggest rise in London. Since the Olympics the average price of a Dalston property is just over £303,000 compared to £249,000 in 2002.

5. Practicals: You can be outside Liverpool St in 10 minutes (walking), Oxford Circus in 20mins (tube), with recent developments allowing commuters to travel direct from Dalston to New Cross Gate in 20 minutes.

Property Searches Increase by 70% Post Summer Holidays

Search Uplift Indicates Post Summer Push for House Movers

Online directory, Property Property Property noticed a sharp increase to its site this week at least 70% more searches.

Since its launch in March 2012, the latest online house hunting directory, Property Property Property (PPP) has seen a steady increase of web traffic in line with its rapidly growing property portfolio. However PPP directors were surprised at the exponential uplift in visits to the site since the beginning of September 2012.

“Whilst we anticipated a surge in unique hits after the summer holidays, we didn’t expect the dramatic increase as indicated in our figures”, says Michael Goodwin, PPP’s Client Services Director.

“Combined with the fact that we now have a larger list of properties than ever,” he continues “we feel that people are also likely to move following an extended holiday period – a time when they are more motivated to act on major decisions”.

Since the last week of August 2012, the search property portal noticed a daily increase to around 170,000 hits per week compared to forecast figures at 130,000 hits per week (30%) increase.

PPP scours residential agencies to build its directory of the UK’s largest portfolio of properties. The company is expected to monitor the number of daily searches with a view to revisiting its future website traffic projections.