Properties in London: 3 easy steps to an effective search

Looking for a property in London can be challenging, stressful and most notably time-consuming. Which is why we’ve created a quick and easy way to find your dream home. Our Property Property Property finder tool allows you to find a property for sale or a property to rent that is perfect for you in your desired area. With thousands of new properties in London available daily in order to cut through the noise you must be specific with your search.

Here’s 3 things to consider for an effective property search:

  1. Needs: Firstly you will need to identify your needs e.g. ‘2 bedroom house to rent in London’. Being specific with your needs allows you to instantly define your search separating results from properties for sale, properties for rent, number of bedrooms, bathrooms etc.
  2. Location: Researching an area is an essential part of your search e.g. Is there a local school nearby? Find out the area’s history, future developments or even speak to the locals. When looking for a property in your desired location you can make use of our search radius or the new Pinpoint map tool which is our most accurate property search tool yet!
  3. Price: Then you need to set a realistic budget which can only be done once you understand your needs and industry prices for your ideal locations. Final step is to make sure what you’re looking for is within your budget, our property search tool helps to simplify your search and refine results through a minimum or maximum price.

Renting a property in the UK: 3 key benefits

With a range of high quality properties to rent available on the market, it’s no surprise that there’s an ongoing number of people renting in the UK. Below we’ve outlined 3 key benefits of our properties for rent:

  • Flexible – If you’re undecided about your long-term housing plans, finding a property to rent gives you the flexibility of your own space without the long term commitment. It’s also a great option for anyone having to move for work or studying.
  • Lower upfront costs – One of the greatest benefits of renting a property is low upfront fees. A rent deposit is much lower in comparison generally being required to pay for 2 months worth of rent upfront.
  • Limited maintenance - Other than changing the odd light bulb and general maintenance, you usually won’t have to bear the cost of bigger maintenance, as your landlord will have it taken care of.


Below are a few of the properties available for rent in the UK:

View properties for rent in Manchester: *link*

View properties for rent in Kent: *link*

View properties for rent in Liverpool: *link*

For more information on renting a property, download our renting guide here: *link*

Win a deposit towards a property of your choice!

How would you like to win a deposit towards one of our houses for sale? We’ve come up with a fun, easy on the wallet solution to help you find your dream home. ‘Peter Piper Paid My Deposit’ – a four-month long competition that allows you to win up to £20,000 towards a deposit for one of our houses for sale.

Your task is to find Peter Piper hidden amongst the many properties that feature on our website. Peter will be in a different property every month, so keep your eyes peeled because it’s your job to find him!


Happy hunting!! *link*


Buying a house in London: 4 recommended areas

When buying a house in London, it’s important to know what areas are best suited for you, especially as it’s a long term investment. Below we look at four buzzing areas for houses on sale in London’s property market:


When looking for a house to buy in Shoreditch, the East London area has a diverse mix of classic London town houses and modern apartments for sale. Quickly becoming very popular amongst a new generation of young, edgy media types Shoreditch is also home to London’s Silicon Roundabout.

Take a look at our properties for sale in Shoreditch here: *link*


When looking for a luxury house for sale, Knightsbridge is ideal for you. The exclusive district in West London is filled with luxury homes and refurbished apartments. Home to some of the worlds richest people and within easy reach of Harrods, who wouldn’t want to buy a house in Knightsbridge?

View our properties for sale in Knightsbridge: *link*


If you’re the adventurous, travelling type, we suggest looking for a house for sale in Greenwich. Home to the The O2 in South East London, and best known for its maritime history and Greenwich Mean Time. With beautiful scenery and a plethora of historical buildings and museums to visit, along with the beautiful river frontage. Buying in Greenwich could be ideal for you.

Here’s some of our properties for sale in Greenwich: *link*


Looking for a house for sale in Battersea? We have a range of houses and flats to buy. Battersea is an inner-city district of South West London in the Borough of Wandsworth. Home to the iconic Battersea Power Station one of London’s best-loved landmarks.

View our properties for sale in Battersea: *link*